The youth and time obsession

Okay, so I haven’t been writing much (any, actually) since I don’t have much to write about. So I guess I’ll be writing some short post on some of my fleeting thoughts. Congrats to the readers who don’t prefer long posts.

I just saw an advertisement on TV (wow, a TV to myself!), and no, it wasn’t a fairness or some ‘halt your ageing process’ ad, but an ‘anti – ageing’ ad for exterior walls. Wait, whaaaa???

Why are we obsessed with looking young all the time? Why can’t we accept that we are getting older and hopefully, wiser with time?

They say ‘old is gold’ for a reason, don’t they? I think adulthood and maturity is associated with wisdom, experience and stuff like that which takes time (which is more valuable than money, but that’s another train of thought. Read on to get to it.)

Take Meryl Streep or even Madhuri Dixit or Sridevi for that case. They all aged gracefully and still look beautiful with all those wrinkles and the other ‘6 signs of ageing’.

Time ain’t money anymore, it is actually way more valuable than money, and people finally seem to understand that. I’m not saying that it’s a good thing or a bad thing, that’s just the way it is. My grandfather used to walk down kilometers to save his 10 bucks which used to take him about an hour. But we, we’d rather pay a 100 to get from point A to point B even if the weather is awesome for walking  simply because we don’t have the time. Nobody does. It’s an ‘Oh, yes, abhi’ empire we’re living in.

Okay, I just ran out of thing to say. Anyways, like they say, That’s all folks! 



The quarter bed life

they say that the ones with a cluttered desk are very creative individuals.

I tend to disagree, well, quite a bit. And no, this is not me being modest (trust me, I’m not really known for that. Ask my buddy, Chiru. He’ll give you a piece of his mind.)

A quick look on my desk: Random sheets rolled up, empty plastic containers, my earring holder (one of my best buys from a garage sale), and some more random, crumpled sheets.


And what’s with the quarter bed? Well, that’s my way of saying that I’m so used to crampy and cluttered environments that even if you give me a double bed (oh, home sweet home ;’) ), I’ll cover 3/4th of it with my junk, ranging from my sheets to the clothes I was wearing the previous day, and sleep on the quarter space left, 1/5th of which is taken by my laptop that I tend to sleep with. A lot. So that quarter space (or whatever that is left of it) is where I sleep, eat, and do whatever I do in the other half of the day (or whatever that is left after college)

Imagine my single bed in the hostel.


Heck even my cupboards have models, thermocol sheets and other random stuff thrown on them. And not to forget the clichéd ‘I have nothing to wear’ despite having an almirah with so many clothes that the piles tend to come down and it’s like a landslide, or maybe an avalanche.  

And shoes? Let’s not go there. I don’t think my drawer for shoes under the almirah is being used the way it is supposed to be.

Let’s hope my mum doesn’t visit my room ever again, because whenever she does…..



And whenever I nudge her to get me a bike….



Hayee, main aur mere tute sapne….




Anyways, there’s another time for my sob stories and rants. Those are some things I just fail to get short of. Chal koi na…



So that’s me, signing off again. Adios!



The Evaluation

There often come moments when everything is at a standstill and you know something is wrong. You can’t exactly put a finger on it but you know that only you can fix it and no amount of Googling will help you. Knowing that ‘everything is in the mind’ is different from believing it. 

Looking back, I realize that I’ve changed a lot, and multiple times. From a social butterfly, to an outcast, to a rebel, a hopeless person and to someone who just doesn’t give a shit anymore, but now, I guess I do. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t like myself anymore. I just don’t accept who I am right now and I don’t want to. Why should I if it doesn’t make me happy? When I feel restricted, and pulled back all the time? when I find myself ‘trying’ to enjoy and I can’t let go? 

I’ve found myself getting irritated at little things, being moody, irresponsible and insanely stupid in a bad way. Sighhhh, I haven’t let go in such a long time. 

I know I can’t really get back to the old me. The person I am right now is an amalgamation of the persons I’ve been, made into and wanted to be. I can’t change the past, but I can pick from it to make the present better. So I guess maybe instead of learning to be happy, or learn to love myself, I need to change myself on my terms, for myself, so that being and loving myself isn’t such a task, and it shouldn’t be.

Writing about all this seems to be the first step towards that. Yes it’s a short post after a long ass time, but the point is: I’m back! 


Pain is pure

Pain is there

It’s not gore

It can be shared


Pain is the truth

It’s what makes you alive

Doesn’t take a sleuth

For this to realize


Pain is beautiful

Pain is care

Not for the faint hearted

Feel it if you dare


Pain is all and all is pain

Soothes a monster

makes you humane

Tames a gangster

Keeps you sane

Makes you stronger

Nothing to lose, nothing to gain


Eradicates fear

from your mind

Feel your heart sear

It just made you kind


Can’t be hidden

Can’t remain

Has to be ridden

Things won’t be the same


It cleanses you within

makes you humble

pays for your sin

Before you mumble

Can you look in?

Tap Dancing Fingers gets recognition!

Guess what.

I got interviewed by Mr. Rahul Miglani, owner of and author of Desire v/s Destiny,  to whom I’m grateful for recognizing my blog as a prominent one and giving me this opportunity of sharing my evil intents with the world. (Just kidding)

Check it out here: Interview with Tap Dancing Fingers

To do list: Dilli Darshan

Okay, so my design mentor keeps asking about places we have visited in Delhi (or NCR) to discuss their design and architectural aspects of different sites. Being in a group of 10, it is easy for him to point and pick out students and ask them questions if they have been to so and so place, and if yes, what were their observations. It’s been more than thrice when I have said that I haven’t visited a so and so place in Delhi, and he keeps asking me in disbelief if I’m really from Delhi.

So, to save my ‘izzat’ as a Delhiite, I decided to make a list of places I need to visit in Delhi: MISSION – DILLI DARSHAN!!

So here is a list of places I need to visit because I’ve never been there, or I went there when I was a happy-go-lucky, and an architecturally ignorant kid:

  1. Jantar Mantar
  2. Haus Khas Village
  3. Lotus temple
  4. Railway museum
  5. Delhi zoo
  6. National Museum, NGMA
  7. Nehru Place
  8. Lal Quila
  9. Old Fort
  10. IHC
  11. INA
  12. India Gate
  13. Humayun’s Tomb
  14. Akshardham temple
  15. Garden of 5 senses
  16. Indian International Center
  17. Chandni Chowk
  18. Lodhi Garden
  19. Safdarjung tomb
  20. Pragati Maidan
  21. Doll House

I hope most of these places don’t turn out to be ‘lover’s points’ (where couples hang out and embarrass the tourists)