Give me a break, please?

It’s officially a pattern now: I disappear for months and come back with an apology, but this time, I’m not even going to bother. So let’s roll. But if you’re still wondering why I’m back after all this while, I’ll be honest: my exams are here, and I should be working. But I’m too tired now sitting in front of autoCAD the entire day, so here I am.
Looking back, it’s been a long while since I started writing. A third year (hopefully graduating to fourth year) architecture student, started in the campus hostel, to living in a PG. Wow. I actually doubted if I could make it till here. Sometimes, I get emotional dilemmas when I think and I recall my family warning me that architecture is a tough course, probably harder than most branches of engineering (with all due respect to my family, overflowing with engineers) and knowing the kind of lazy-ass procrastinator I am, they advised me to tread very carefully and take a decision, and God, were they right.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. I may get sore legs, stiff back, and spend sleepless nights on a regular basis. I may even joke around, pretending to regret taking up architecture, when in reality, there probably is no other better place to be (sometimes I mean it though, the hard work required is the culprit). I may not excel in my projects, but that’s mostly my procrastination talking. I don’t think I would’ve lasted an year if I had taken up engineering, or those ‘pure sciences’ kind of subjects (kindly excuse my choice of words. Yes, I know I’m an ignorant kid, thank you.) I realized that it isn’t enough for me: it wasn’t back in 11th grade, and it still isn’t.

It’s tough, no doubt. But then, which course isn’t? Of course there are many courses that offer a degree after 4 years, but who gives a shit? Lonely sadists do 5 year architecture courses that don’t even promise you to be a well paid architect at the end of it all.

True that.

Then there are moments of frustration: my helplessness when I see my parents touring the world without me because I’m not able to take out that time without screwing with my semester, my lack of things to talk about with people not in my field, and lack of hygiene (I’m just referring to my eye-burning messy room. I still bathe) amongst many other things. Then my parents’ demands of being a straight A student. C’mon, cut me some slack please? It’s not school anymore. Not saying that I was a ‘topper’ in school, but let’s not go there now.

Just explains it

And how can I forget the people who complain or boasting about pulling off an all nighter?

See my point?

And then comes unrealistic expectations of being an architect: Ted Mosby from HIMYM. Seriously, hasn’t anyone seen his lifestyle? architects don’t get to hang out with their non-architect friends every damn evening at a local bar, which is amongst many other things that he does that just seem too good to be true. And apparently, it has a term coined for it too: The Ted Mosby Illusion. I even read about it (Click on the link for enlightenment).

Anyways, I’d better get back to work now. Got a pile of design work to be resolved.


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Life of an architecture student

Ever been in the situation when an aunty comes up and asks you the mood making or breaking question, “Beta tum kya kar rahe ho?” And your mum happily cuts in saying something like, “Yeh architect kar rahi hai.” Translate it literally to English and you’ll get “She’s doing an architect”.  Or the vice versa. “Yeh architecture banne vali hai.”  WTF.


Okay, I might be slightly obsessed with the idea but heck, some respect please!! Then comes the highly annoying Ted Mosby illusion. That guy just looks too healthy and happy to be an architect! And the biggest irony – He’s got time to actually look for stuff like love! We expect to find it somewhere hidden in our models. I fell for my final design project from last sem. Haven’t moved on since. I hear ‘tujhme rab dikhta hai’ from Rab ne bana di jodi when I look at it 😛 Now that is true love


And I remember how some people were trying to fit in cantilevers…Cmon, we don’t know how to work that shit, yet. Image

And we spent so much time on our models, that we couldn’t complete the sheets…I was short of elevations. But at least my model turned out nice. See? The Dream House Project and the night before the jury went something like this:


Best part: the professors are no less.


See my point?

Sometimes I get scared that I’ll vent my frustration in not so constructive ways later on, which hopefully will be as funny as what this guy has done.

That was one perverted guy.

That was one perverted guy.

He was probably getting nostalgic.

And why? Yes I’ve stated this many times, but I’ll tell you again.

  1. I don’t get time to sleep. In fact, our dean says that you’re probably doing something wrong if you’re able to get more that 4 hours of sleep per day.

    But you know that already...

    But you know that already…

  2. I go around collecting junk like bottle caps, straws, and even shoe boxes that people throw away cus they could be a good piece to add to my ‘future, not even planned’ model.

    See what he did there?

    See what he did there?

  3. Flirting? That ended in high school. Bhool jao love life. Ab hona hai toh ho jayega, nahi toh model mein pyaar dhundo. (Forget love life. It’ll happen if it has to, or else find your pleasure in models) 😛



  4. Even my professors admit to it: Architects are overworked and underpaid. I’ll be studying for 5 years (one year internship) to get a license and if I actually want to take it up a notch, I’ll be investing at least 2 more years for masters. That means 7 years for a job that won’t even make me rich.

    See my point?

    See my point?

  5. Besides, if truck drivers (Tadao Ando) can become amazing architects without actually screwing their lives attending college, then why us? tumblr_m5sgd8n6eP1r47mhro1_400


Okay okay, before you give me the eye rolls after reading this stuff, I admit:

There may be some truth to it :P

There may be some truth to it 😛


But heck, I still love what I do. So let’s sum it up, you might’ve seen memes like these floating around a lot on the internet these days, so I caught hold of one too.

There you go, designing commodes

There you go, designing commodes


And if you got the time, do check out this video. I believe architecture students and professionals will appreciate it a lot more than our sane folks.

Let’s rant this time

Okay, so we were told to get our measured drawing sheets inked for the final submission on Wednesday (today) and I decided to do an all nighter and get done with it. Sure I left some of the front elevation of the Bhakton ki hhoti Haveli (Nawalgarh, Rajastha) incomplete because I didn’t have the entire dimensions for the windows and most of the windows visible in the mezzanine level on the first floor were fudged. So I inked the rest and took a short nap at 7:30 AM. Then I woke up around 8:30 and got slightly late for class and submitted the sheet. Then I was called to discuss the sheet where I was told that the detailing is wrong and I need to draft the whole thing all over again.

This’ll be the 7th time that I’ll be drafting the front elevation (lost it twice, then got drafted and inked, changed the dimensions and hence got drafted and inked again). To add to my misery, my group mate comes up and tells me that the heights have been changed and that I need to tally them and draft it again. Worst part: everybody has different heights which keep changing….even the basic slab heights! So my sheet kept getting passed around to get the vertical projection lines.


We usually have design studio on Wednesday and workshop on Thursdays which got interchanged today. So now, we have design tomorrow again and I have nothing new to show them. How can I get on with anything if I don’t even have the skeleton structure!


So basically, I’m sleep deprived with an upset stomach, puffy eyes, aching back and with pending work with no energy to do it. So now I’m just gonna finish this post and pass out on my bed otherwise, I’ll be high on lack of sleep.

insomnia hyper

Apart from that, we are yet to finalize our space compositions and extrude the objects from the four finalized ones. The weird part about design is that you can never be sure of a design. You think it’s good but you might end up getting a redo (and will probably get ragged) by the design teachers. But you can never be sure about your partner’s design.cereal-guy-cereal-guyfacepalm

But then, these things keep happening throughout the year. Architecture has made me a sadist, so we might as well enjoy these moments. Because once you’re in this field, it is nearly impossible to get back and adjust in a normal life with family, friends and society.

God, that made me feel like John Abraham in New York.