Give me a break, please?

It’s officially a pattern now: I disappear for months and come back with an apology, but this time, I’m not even going to bother. So let’s roll. But if you’re still wondering why I’m back after all this while, I’ll be honest: my exams are here, and I should be working. But I’m too tired now sitting in front of autoCAD the entire day, so here I am.
Looking back, it’s been a long while since I started writing. A third year (hopefully graduating to fourth year) architecture student, started in the campus hostel, to living in a PG. Wow. I actually doubted if I could make it till here. Sometimes, I get emotional dilemmas when I think and I recall my family warning me that architecture is a tough course, probably harder than most branches of engineering (with all due respect to my family, overflowing with engineers) and knowing the kind of lazy-ass procrastinator I am, they advised me to tread very carefully and take a decision, and God, were they right.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. I may get sore legs, stiff back, and spend sleepless nights on a regular basis. I may even joke around, pretending to regret taking up architecture, when in reality, there probably is no other better place to be (sometimes I mean it though, the hard work required is the culprit). I may not excel in my projects, but that’s mostly my procrastination talking. I don’t think I would’ve lasted an year if I had taken up engineering, or those ‘pure sciences’ kind of subjects (kindly excuse my choice of words. Yes, I know I’m an ignorant kid, thank you.) I realized that it isn’t enough for me: it wasn’t back in 11th grade, and it still isn’t.

It’s tough, no doubt. But then, which course isn’t? Of course there are many courses that offer a degree after 4 years, but who gives a shit? Lonely sadists do 5 year architecture courses that don’t even promise you to be a well paid architect at the end of it all.

True that.

Then there are moments of frustration: my helplessness when I see my parents touring the world without me because I’m not able to take out that time without screwing with my semester, my lack of things to talk about with people not in my field, and lack of hygiene (I’m just referring to my eye-burning messy room. I still bathe) amongst many other things. Then my parents’ demands of being a straight A student. C’mon, cut me some slack please? It’s not school anymore. Not saying that I was a ‘topper’ in school, but let’s not go there now.

Just explains it

And how can I forget the people who complain or boasting about pulling off an all nighter?

See my point?

And then comes unrealistic expectations of being an architect: Ted Mosby from HIMYM. Seriously, hasn’t anyone seen his lifestyle? architects don’t get to hang out with their non-architect friends every damn evening at a local bar, which is amongst many other things that he does that just seem too good to be true. And apparently, it has a term coined for it too: The Ted Mosby Illusion. I even read about it (Click on the link for enlightenment).

Anyways, I’d better get back to work now. Got a pile of design work to be resolved.


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Another break!

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Kya karu, I got a bit too busy with the entrance exams preps. But no worries, I’m back (on the request of my few followers) with something new to write about and I have plenty of time to type it down.
It’s been two weeks since my coaching classes started and man, they really do suck out the last drop of life from you!
I have classes during the weekdays for about four and a half hours from morning to noon which means that I’m pretty exhausted when I reach home and I’m ready to collapse on the bed and pass out till 5 PM. I skip my lunch because of that as well. I don’t feel hungry by the time I reach home.
I wake up at 5 with my mum, get ready and go out for 30 minutes of jogging/walking, come back completely exhausted, watch TV for a few hours, have dinner, do my homework and then go to sleep.
I rarely go out on weekends, so I just stay at home, watch tv and do everything else.

But this weekend was meant to be different.

My younger aunt had come to visit us from New Zealand with her husband and daughter. They had decided to stay at Gurgaon at my elder aunt’s new home. Dad was staying there with them as well. I didn’t have much to do at home and I knew that I would get bored as usual, so I told dad about it and he invited me to stay there for the weekend (because I cannot miss my classes).
I didn’t really expect much because I thought that my aunt and her family will be out to visit their friends and all here. But they had planned otherwise.
My first day there was a bucket full of fun. I needed a new phone since my old Nokia phone had been acting like a piece of shit, so Shruti di, my elder cousin talked to me about her phone which I liked quite a lot and I had been recommended that phone by many. We were at Galleria, Gurgaon to buy fish for dinner when I asked dad to come with me to check out the phone and get his feedback on it. Little did I know that he’ll buy it from the next shop we’ll check out to compare prices. So in short, I came back home with a huge grin on my face.
We guys chatted and laughed our heads off in the evening with a couple of drinks and a lot of jokes and had butter chicken for dinner since we didn’t have all ingredients to prepare the fish.
It was one hell of a day!

Next day, that is today, dad went back to Galleria with me in the morning to buy Uno cards (I had forgotten my packet at home along with Cluedo, plot 4 and some other awesome boards games).
Sadly, we couldn’t go out much because Shruti di had just got her lasik treatment done and she was advised to stay at home for at least 2 days. So we just went to Safdarjung enclave for her checkup, CP for dad’s work and back home to relax. We played a lot of Uno that afternoon and my stomach was hurting with all that laughter and my throat was getting sore as well. Everyone passed out in the noon while I listened to some tracks on Shruti di’s ipod.

I’ve been relaxing ever since!!

A day out for a change

I was pretty exhausted after the chemistry exam on the 13th so I decided to reach home and relax for a while before starting off with Maths. I was surfing the internet when mum got a call from Sunny bhaiya, my elder sister’s boyfriend who had come to attend his elder brother’s wedding. So he had decided to drop by to pass some stuff my sister had sent for us. We were having the ‘usne yeh bheja hai’ and all conversation which passed on to my exams and i immediately shifted the topic to mum’s pathetic metabolic rate and how she’s not able to loose weight even after all those scary workouts in the gym. They got stuck on that for a while because he’s a fitness freak to say the least and so is my sister.
Anyways, he offered to take me out for a while because I desperately needed a change of environment and I happily jumped at the offer. He had to buy some stuff for himself so we went to the ridiculously close and boring Rajouri Garden malls which are so close to each other that we walked from one mall to the other simply because we wanted costa coffee and not cafe coffee day.
So firstly, he wanted a pair of walking shoes and he couldn’t find the kind he wanted so he ended up buying 3 pairs of socks instead.
Unlike what most people say, girls don’t just shop or window-shop or eat/drink when we’re out. Okay, I’ll take my case here. When I enter a store, the first thing I notice isn’t the merchandise on the shelves. It’s the music they’re playing and the ambience they’ve created. Oh, I’ve heard and loved a lot of tracks playing at these stores at times.
So we were at this puma store where I was just sitting and listening to ‘somewhere I belong’ by Linking Park that was being played there and it suddenly reminded me how long it’s been since I’ve heard a good track. We left soon with the socks since we couldn’t find the shoes and we went to croma looking for a good pair of earphones which took quite some time. Then we went to costa where we sat and talked about random things like some old Indian television comedy series and bizarre shows. After that we were on our way back to my home when my sister called from work and she was not in her best mood. So he was trying to make her talk and all which badly reminded me of the time when I was dating. He dropped me back home and I thanked him for the kind gesture and that was how that fine evening ended.
God! Now I need a nap!

A break from studying

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been studying (precisely 19 hours). But that’s what happens when you have a physics board examination coming up. I got a bit too tired of studying the subject I hate the most so thought of just typing something. Sadly enough, I don’t have much in my mind other than a thought which goes like: what if photons had mass? That’s an insane thought so I won’t really dwell in it for that long.
It’s kind of pitiful when you realize that you’ve been sitting in the same room, at the same corner of the bed, with physics textbooks and registers surrounding you and all you hear is the clock ticking. You get up and do to the loo for a change of atmosphere (anything’s better than the bedroom) and you hear your father snoring loudly and strangely, you let the mosquito on your foot suck it’s way to glory (yeah yeah, don’t leave a drop in there by mistake!). Then you get up, pull yourself together, tilt your head back in front of the mirror and check your nose, wash your hands and get back to the same old bed.

I took a 15 minute break today (yes, I have to time my breaks) and dad took me out for a walk and tried his best to keep up my spirit and stuff while we walked on the street, not far from home. And by keeping up my spirit, I mean offering some gadgets and expensive stuff like that’s gonna work on me (well, it just might. Keep trying!). People generally become super sweet before important exams. It’s like feeding a lamb before chopping the head off.
Even my family gets a bit restless before exams. Like my father who drew a common emitter amplifier on the huge calendar just because it had a huge circle on it (which was the earth, by the way). Or my mum who decides to check on me right when I take a break which is 5 hours in a day (including lunch, dinner etc). Today I decided to conk off for an hour to relax a bit when mum came, kept nudging me and complained that I go to sleep too early (hello, it’s 11:30 pm already!).
Sadly, the only sane person in the family, Garima, my sister has decided to abandon me in this time of need for her next triathlon preparation. It won’t take long for her to call mum and complain about her shin splints.

Anyways, here I am, ready to hit the publish button simply because my break is over. Thanks for reading about the super exciting life I’ve been enjoying for almost a week now.