My melodramatic baby cousin

The cousins

It’s hilarious to watch your 7 year old cousin sister pick up lines from Indian tv soaps faster than her geography lessons.
We generally meet at my Grandparents’ apartment (maternal side) where me, Niharika (the elder cuz) and Vedika (the one I’m talking about) have a gala time while mum, nani and my aunt indulge in their ritual gossip.

I remember the day when Vedika was refused something by her mum so she stormed out of the room with bit fat tears in her brown eyes and went towards the entrance saying, “bohot ho Gaya, main yeh ghar chodke jaa rahi hu. Mera peechha karne ki takleef mat karna” (that enough, I’m leaving this house. Don’t bother to come after me)
I just couldn’t hold back my laughter and neither could anyone else as she picked up her Pokemon purse (yes, she had one of those) and stood outside the main door waiting for us to come and fetch her. I went outside after laughing my head off, picked her up while she half heartedly protested and I tossed her on the bed. We all had a huge laugh after that over her tomato red nose.

Today, about 6 years later, the kid is all grown up and ogling at ‘Dean Winchester’ from ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Danny McCoy’ from ‘Las Vegas’
Kids grow quick, don’t they?