Jealous of my star sister?? Nah….

Siblings….can’t live with them, can’t live without them…specially if they are the apple of your world’s eye. They have everything you and a lot of people wish for but you love them regardless.
I have an elder sister, Garima Takyar. Now she has already been mentioned multiple times in my blog so I won’t introduce her again. But those who don’t know, she’s an achiever, be it academics, sports or even handling me. She’s good at what she does, and at least tries doing everything else. She’s got a few teeny weeny flaws but awesome traits to make up for them. Besides, who the hell in this world isn’t flawed? At least I am, majorly. You can’t say that I might be wrong or having a misconception about her because I am her confidant, and vice versa of course. Coming back to the point, she has always set a bar that is too high for me to reach from the beginning. A ninety percenter in school, a distinguished engineer in college (even received a medal for that), a dedicated and disciplined employee, a triathlete,a smartass, a loving and caring sister and with lovely etiquettes as icing on the cake. Have I been compared to her by my parents? Not just them, also by my relatives is the answer.
Am I jealous? Hell no. I am proud of her. In fact, I’m also proud to be one of the people who she can fall back on and trusts.
Sibling rivalry? Oh yeah. We’ve always fought for attention. From her calling me ‘the adopted kid’ to me calling her ‘the abandoned one’. We still fight a lot (and make up because we know so many secrets about each other :-P). We are like a pair of shoes….one can’t do without the other.
Anyways, she recently had a triathlon in Binbrook (740 m swim, 30 km bike and 7.5 km run) and the numbers truly scare me. I saw the pics via the link she sent me and my jaw dropped like it always does when I see her racing photos. Every time I wish I could be there as a spectator to cheer for her and scream till my lungs get sore. I’m sure I’ll get a chance to do that one day. But till then, I guess I’ll have to do being a distant spectator.image