Kids today….never mind.

Okay, I’ve been MIA for a long while now. (For the non baby boomers out there, MIA means ‘Missing In Action’)

It’s technically a slang. To be honest, I got to know the meaning of MIA just a month back.  ._.

P.S. That’s the poker face emoticon. Just saying.


Sometimes, I miss the days of dial-up connection  –  the time when nobody could use the landline phone because someone was using the internet on the desktop, mostly chatting on MSN messenger. The 90’s kids will probably understand. Watch this video if you wish to hear that sound of ear-splitting nostalgia again: The sound of dial-up internet


Those were the days when games like Dave, Doom, Biomenace, Prince, Corridor7,  Aladdin and Lion King were on our shared desktop (the concept of personal computer was for the elite). Or even better – games like battlecity, Contra and Mario were the most played cassettes (which had to be blown to remove the dust every-goddamn-time) on that old school video game consoles. We had one by Atari.


Or even the days when online lyrics didn’t exist and my sister used to replay every song to listen and note down the lyrics in her black diary. That also reminds me of the time when a pencil and a cassette had a relationship more romantic than Jack and Rose.


God bless them

And how can I forget the Sony walkman!

That was the time when J.Lo dancing in golden panties singing ‘My love don’t cost a thing’ was a big deal. Of course, J.Lo is still kinda a big deal. It was that golden chaddi (read: underwear) that caught the parents’ attention who scolded me and my elder sister for watching crap on the T.V.

I’d like to see the then parents’ faces now. I still like listening to those songs once in a while though. Nothing can beat the 90’s music. Please excuse me while I go through the J.Lo playlist again. *putting down the laptop monitor*

Point taken?


It’s the era when 14 year olds look like 25, the 45 year olds look like botched up 30 year olds (thank you botox), and the 25 year olds look like burnt toast with felt pen eyebrows. This is why I’ll always be scared of becoming a parent. God knows if kids tomorrow will come twerking out of the mother. Geez. *rubbing my arms to soothe the goosebumps*


And last but really not the least, to those kids who think they ‘relate’ with the 90’s.



I guess that much of nostalgia concentrate will do for today.

God save this generation.



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