Hopes never die

Another poem I wrote in school…



No matter how dark it is

We will find a way in our heart

We are the three musketeers

and nothing can drive us apart

So here’s to my sister and mum

who will be there with me

in the times to come


We shall always stick together

No, we don’t need to cry

cus regardless of the weather

the hopes will never die


With them, the problems feel like feather

and no, this aint a lie

cus regardless of the weather

our hopes will never die


The path ahead might be rough

that’s something I wont deny

but regardless of the weather

our hopes will never die


They do get crushed at times

but they are always resurrected

regardless of the crimes

But we’ll never give up

and neither will my rhymes 😛


It is only the dark times that tell

who will stay and who will go

that moment of truth rings a bell

when the true colours show


but you’ll always see us looking ahead

giving happiness another try

Every night as we go to bed

We pledge to never let our hopes die