Weird Parenting

It can be really annoying when your parents change their color overnight. One moment, they’ll offer you a drink to relax and chill with you. The next moment you know, your phone goes missing from the side table. One moment, they’ll ask you if you have uploaded a picture of them with you. The same evening, you catch them sneaking in your inbox while you were relieving yourself in the washroom. Just like right now, my mum’s trying to read what I’m typing. (That shows me in a rather poor light)

You thought you were finally connecting with your parents at a friendlier level. So what the hell was that?? And then they complain that their kids aren’t close to them at all. Well, snooping around wont get you any closer!! Isn’t that common sense?

I’ve seen parents who give a lot of freedom to their kids. The difference comes in when the child understands the responsibilities and duties that come along with them.

Why does the relationship between a parent and the child has to be so complicated when it doesn’t have to be like that, specially in this 21st century? When both parties are trying hard to reconcile the differences?

Why are they supportive and discouraging at the same time? And this isn’t just about the parents. why do the kids have to do exactly the opposite of what they are asked to? Why do they have to be so rebellious? Maybe they wouldn’t act like that if the parents weren’t so headstrong either. But whose fault is it? Is it the insecure parents who feel responsible and become over protective or is it the kids who ask for their personal space so that they can grow and know themselves as an individual but end up misusing their freedom to the extent that it is snatched from them?

Coming to think of it, maybe it is more of the kid’s fault (feels weird considering that I’m one of them). But hey, it doesn’t mean that we should stop trying because one day, we might just succeed (that’s what I tell myself every night). And that day shall make life a lot more peaceful for both, the parents and the kids.