My first ‘hairy’ experience

Relief for the readers: This is not a gross post about hairy armpits or anything of that sort. Its about my first hair colouring experience.

I always wanted to get my hair streaked burgundy but obviously couldn’t because of the age issues and all.
The ones following my blog must be knowing about Shruti di, my cousin. She wanted to get her hair washed from the salon as her optician had advised her not to let water get into her eyes for some time. So she had her appointment fixed for the evening and decided to pick me up after class for another outing. We all went to south ex and had lunch and gol gappas and went to Gurgaon. We took a power nap there and dad asked me if i wanted anything done to my hair. I wasn’t so sure then so he gave me some money in case I wished for anything and kept sleeping. We went for the appointment and I asked my bua if I should get my hair streaked. We talked about it and decided to go for it in the salon. We talked to the receptionist who set up a stylist for me and asked him to talk to me about the whole process in detail since I had ‘virgin hair’. We both talked to the stylist and then it hit me. I hadn’t talked to either of my parents about it. So i texted mom if i could go for it. I got a straight no for a reply. So I called her up and tried convincing her till she gave up with an irritated ‘jo karna hai karo’. I was quite happy as bua had talked to dad and he was fine with it. I chose a darker colour, chestnut to be exact because I didnt want it to stand out too much. The stylist wasn’t too sure about it because he said that the colour was too dark to be used for streaking my hair but I asked him to do it. He had recommended burgundy or light brown according to my complexion.
Now the colour blind ones out there, here’s the difference between chestnut and burgundy: chestnut is like auburn, darker than burgundy whereas burgundy is more towards the red side.
After waiting for about 45 minutes on the chair, reading a magazine and texting a few friends about it, i got my hair washed and blow dried. They turned out pretty good. The colour wasn’t too striking and the streaked hair were scanty. It was good for starters. They aren’t noticeable indoors btw.image

Everyone else was happy about it as well. I went back home and showed it to dad who liked them as well. I went back home the next day and showed it to mom. She surprising liked it as well. Most probably because they dont stand out much. But thats okay. I like it that way.

P.S. DO NOT talk about it with your parents at the last moment like I did. It is highly risky. If the job doesnt turn out good according to them, you can expect yourself to be in a shit load of trouble.
You must keep in mind that these colours are long lasting and you either have to chop them off or grow the coloured hair out if you want to get rid of them. So tread with caution. You’ll end up with a lot of regret otherwise.
Also, DO NOT go for it with friends and do not tell your parents that you want it because they have it as well. You MUST have atleast one elder family member with you for getting your back and helping you out with it.


Weird Parenting

It can be really annoying when your parents change their color overnight. One moment, they’ll offer you a drink to relax and chill with you. The next moment you know, your phone goes missing from the side table. One moment, they’ll ask you if you have uploaded a picture of them with you. The same evening, you catch them sneaking in your inbox while you were relieving yourself in the washroom. Just like right now, my mum’s trying to read what I’m typing. (That shows me in a rather poor light)

You thought you were finally connecting with your parents at a friendlier level. So what the hell was that?? And then they complain that their kids aren’t close to them at all. Well, snooping around wont get you any closer!! Isn’t that common sense?

I’ve seen parents who give a lot of freedom to their kids. The difference comes in when the child understands the responsibilities and duties that come along with them.

Why does the relationship between a parent and the child has to be so complicated when it doesn’t have to be like that, specially in this 21st century? When both parties are trying hard to reconcile the differences?

Why are they supportive and discouraging at the same time? And this isn’t just about the parents. why do the kids have to do exactly the opposite of what they are asked to? Why do they have to be so rebellious? Maybe they wouldn’t act like that if the parents weren’t so headstrong either. But whose fault is it? Is it the insecure parents who feel responsible and become over protective or is it the kids who ask for their personal space so that they can grow and know themselves as an individual but end up misusing their freedom to the extent that it is snatched from them?

Coming to think of it, maybe it is more of the kid’s fault (feels weird considering that I’m one of them). But hey, it doesn’t mean that we should stop trying because one day, we might just succeed (that’s what I tell myself every night). And that day shall make life a lot more peaceful for both, the parents and the kids.